At Innovative Concept Associates, Inc. we customize our services for each Client, with a commitment to deliver quantifiable time and cost savings and an impressive array of benefits.

  •  Liberate senior management from the time consuming chore of managing real estate process, permitting heightened focus on critical path decisions
  •  Facilitate an efficient and aggressive response to opportunities, armed with due diligence that addresses the unique requirements of the assignment
  •  Shrink administrative and overhead costs by minimizing “in house” payroll, bonus and benefit expenses
  •  Define and isolate hidden costs associated with development, permitting and design criteria during the due diligence process
  •  Reduce legal and design fees by thoroughly vetting business and infrastructure issues in the early stages of any negotiation
  •  Multiply and leverage the impact of brand or project awareness via our network of senior specialists empowered to promote the Client’s goals

What ICA’s Clients are Saying